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    Did Constantine Create the New Testament?

    There are popular opinions that challenge the authority of the Biblical Canon and in doing so challenge Christian doctrine. In specific, the most common is to discredit the authenticity and therefore the authority of the New Testament. The general challenge is that the books of the New Testament were selected as a result of the Council of Nicaea in AD 325 under the newly converted Roman Emperor Constantine. To place a finer point on the argument, it was Athanasius, the Bishop of Alexandria, who is claimed to have canonized the current 27 books of the New Testament in his Festal Letter of AD 367. The result of this claim is…

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    How Does Free Will Work?

    I see repeatedly from Genesis to Revelation that man is given the ability to choose (free will) his path of faith, sin, and servitude within God’s sovereignty and that as a result man is held accountable for those choices.

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    Is The Bible 100% True?

    The literary form of Genesis alone leans toward poetic more than historic. That doesn’t mean it isn’t history, it’s just very well told history through a poetic form, and not a point-by-point historical reference book.

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    Nero’s Persecution of Christians

    This Neronian persecution was not a punishment for crimes committed, though he made attempts to blame Christians for the fires in Rome, this was a hatred for a group of people because of their beliefs.

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    Why Classical Studies and Christianity?

    These Classical concepts prepared the world to accept Christ as the Logos, and ultimately as God. The reason a Classical education is not only relevant but important to Christianity, is because God has been at work in all men to bring about his purpose of redemption and salvation.

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    John Christy & David Smalley

    John Christy is the director and producer of My Week In Atheism, and holds multiple degrees in theology and apologetics. We also have offensive crayons in the studio. You read that right. Get the full version with no ads at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.

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    Already and Not Yet

    From the first independent proclamation that under God, all men are created equal, the evidence of a Christian theology has permeated our constitution.

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    Judge Not!

    The objection the Church currently faces in a relative society is an opportunity to speak the firm truth of Christ in compassion and love, but most definitely not to retreat to doctrine that allows a person to believe they are fine as God created them.